The construction

The building has been constructed following the latest anti-seismic regulations as well as the regulation for the energy efficiency of buildings, and protection of the environment.

Its foundations are a Randie construction.

The buildings plaster is handmade. Reinforced materials have been used in the construction, cements, adhesive resins, and waterproofing products.


For the thermal insulation of the double external walls we used the heat reflecting material of Fibrex Hellas Double Bubblu poly, and for the thermal insulation of the buildings loft we used the double bubble concrete, made by the same company.

The framings are made from aluminum, by PROFILCO Company. 35 sliding casings, with additional templates that pop up, and double glasses. The shutters are electric with aluminum matting, sliding gauzes with a mesh made from fiber glass. The external doors are aluminum coated, internally and externally, and have a double shielding with firms locks.

Every apartment comes with a central air conditioning system, cooling-heating with a single pipe system of independent provision for every room. Every apartment is independent and is controlled from a central thermostat and an central solenoid. Every room has FAN-COILS of a corresponding performance, with a built in thermostat for a controllable room temperature. The central heating system works with an oil boiler and the cooling system with a central air conditioning air-water unit. The installation of the pipes has be done with F18 copper pipes that have been put under floor without gluing with industrial insulation.

The power supply is underground. The electrical installation is a three-phase N2 with a three-phase panel, and materials coming from western Germany (GAYER Company). The lighting circuits are independent (every room has its own fuse). Every panel has 12 fuses. The door phones are internal and external, there is a boutonniere on the outside and a doorbell on every main entrance. Independent alarm with traps and radar. Central installation of satellite and cable TV. The bell panels and the plugs are Legrand. There is also an internet installation with a U.T.P cable, and a stereo installation with speakers.

The kitchen and the bath batteries are GROHE, the fixtures are are ROCA, and the bathtubs are IDEAL STANDART. All materials are of the highest quality and construction.

The specificity of the building is ensured by the discreet fencing and from the garden that surrounds it.

Greece - Xylokastro