Xylokastro is the capital of the Municipality of Xylokastro - Evrostini, one of the largest municipalities in Greece, and the third most populated town of the Prefecture of Korinthos.

It’s 120 km away from Athens, and only a few minutes away from the urban centers of Patras, Aigio, Korinthos, Loutraki; you can get there by bus, train or your private car.




Its advantageous location is due, inter alia, to the fact that it is quite close to some of the most important archaeological sites of southern Greece, like ancient Korinthos, the Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nafplio, Olympia, Delphi, and Athens.

The Municipality of Xylokastro-Evrostini extends from the shores of the deep blue Corinthian bay to the filled with pine trees slopes of Killini Mountain, the highest mountain in the Corinthian Prefecture (2.374 m.), a unique combination of mountain and sea.




The mild Mediterranean climate, the sun that shines almost all of the year, the crystal clear blue sea, and the beautiful coasts and pebbly beaches, which have many times received the Blue Flag, are very much advisable for tourism of every kind.

The town of Xylokastro with its pine tree forest that touches the sea, a marina, a medical center, shops and bank branches, football fields, tennis, basketball, and beach-volley courts, a theater and many cinemas, restaurants, taverns, cafeterias, bars, disco clubs, and ideal places for swimming, surfing, fishing for sea lovers, is an ideal choice and a great place for living there permanently or for spending a vacation.


Besides the Pefkia forest, - "The green coast of my home land" for the Greek poet Costas Kariotakis and an inspiration place for the other Greek famous poet Angelos Sikelianos -, many scenic mountain and seaside villages, traditional churches and monasteries, magnificent gorges with impressive waterfalls and caves, enchanting shores, small peninsulas and idyllic small ports, give a unique beauty and diversity to the region. 

Xylokastro is an ideal starting point for trekking along some beautiful routes on the nearby mountain areas of the Prefecture of Korinthos, such as the beautiful village of Trikala with its great climate and the panoramic view towards the sea. This village is also one of the closest hunting grounds to the capital and only 5km away from the ski center of Ziria where a unique Chalet gives visitors a warm welcome.



Moreover, the mythic lake of Stymfalia lies in a picturesque rural setting not far away from the artificial lake of Doksa with the irrigation dam. Nearby, the visitor may drop by the Feneos village, which is surrounded by beautiful pine trees and pay a visit to the small old chapel of Saint Fanourios.

For those who prefer a cosmopolitan environment, only 50km away there is the Loutraki resort, famous for its hot springs and its luxurious casino, where anyone can try his/her luck.







In two words, Xylokastro is “a place of a thousand colors and sweet smells"; a place worth visiting and worth living in, where many tourists from Greece and from abroad enjoy their vacation and their holidays each year.








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